Being charged with a DUI can be a scary and isolating event. Most defendants understand how serious this charge is and are worried about the possible implications regarding their futures. While serious, a DUI/DUID/DWAI charge does not have to be the end of the road.

Most Colorado defendants who have been arrested and charged with a DUI have already submitted to some type of sobriety testing. Breathalyzers are often used while still on the scene of traffic stop and involve having a suspected drunk driver blow into a device that measures blood-alcohol content. Anything over the legal limit of .08 typically results in an arrest, but these tests are not as foolproof as law enforcement would have people think. Faulty and improperly calibrated equipment are not uncommon, and when Breathalyzer tests are determined to be inaccurate, the original results can become inadmissible.

The absence of inadmissible evidence does not mean that the prosecution has an iron case. We have come to the aid of many DUI defendants by weakening the prosecution’s position. Whether through rendering certain evidence inadmissible, calling into question the original traffic stop or spotting flaws in the case, our years of hard work and experience allow us to guide our Colorado clients through the process to the best outcome possible.

Typically, defendants most often worry about the impact that convictions will have on their employment, education and driving privileges. These are all valid concerns that can be addressed through strategic defense planning. We understand that most defendants have more questions than can be addressed in a single post or article, and have made more information regarding DUI/DUID/DWAI charges available on our website.

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