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Helping to Protect Victims of Violence and Defending the Wrongfully Accused: Restraining Orders And Protection Orders

Protection orders, also known as orders of protection or restraining orders, protect persons who have been the victim of an act or threatened act of violence to ensure that such acts or threats do not continue in the future. Sometimes, the issue is domestic abuse, but not always. Protection orders are frequently sought and obtained against co-workers, neighbors and even former friends. They have serious repercussions for the restrained party.If you need to obtain a protection order or you have been served with a temporary restraining order and you want to learn about your options, attorney Brian B. Boal at Boal Law Firm, PC, has the experience and ability to help you.

Need A Restraining Order?

Colorado Springs protection order lawyer Brian B. Boal can help you obtain the relief you need. He will start by getting you a temporary restraining order. For a temporary restraining order, there is no contested hearing necessary. You will simply need to complete an affidavit that will be reviewed by a judge or magistrate who will determine if grounds for a temporary restraining order do in fact exist. If you need further protection, a hearing will be held at which time the magistrate or judge will decide whether a permanent protection order is necessary. Brian Boal has litigated many protection order hearings and will ensure that you are competently and aggressively represented. If the restrained party violates the protection order, Brian Boal will counsel you on the steps to take to bring criminal charges against the restrained person.

Are You the Target of A Restraining Order?

If you have been served with a temporary restraining order, you need to act fast. While there is little that can be done to stop a temporary restraining order from being issued, you have the right to be represented by an attorney at the permanent protection order hearing which will typically take place within 14 days after the temporary restraining order is issued, and if you are not present at the hearing, a permanent restraining order will be granted to the protected party by default. Brian Boal will prepare quickly to defend you and prevent the repercussions of a protection order. Brian Boal understands that these orders are often misused, particularly in divorces by spouses attempting to gain leverage in the case. Attorney Boal will work to counteract the effects of this underhanded tactic on your rights as a parent and as a divorcing spouse. Furthermore, Brian is an experienced criminal defense lawyer who can represent you if you have also been charged criminally with violating a protection order. Do not wait. Call attorney Brian Boal right away.

Questions About Restraining Orders? Contact Colorado Springs Family Law Lawyer for a Consultation

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