A woman in Colorado recently pleaded guilty to felony driving under the influence. The woman charged with DUI is slated to receive her sentence in January. She faces anywhere from two to six years behind prison bars.

The woman has received a conviction for driving under the influence at least four other times already. She intends to take part in in-patient treatment in another state. This is why her sentencing will not take place until January.

Her latest arrest took place after police said witnessed told them she was swerving on an avenue and ended up hitting a car that was parked. Prior to this accident, she allegedly drove drunk and hit the back of an SUV that belonged to a sheriff’s office back in 2014. At that time, the SUV was parked along Highway 82.

In August of 2015, the DUI law in the state of Colorado was changed to permit people with three convictions for driving under the influence to face a felony charge upon their fourth arrest for driving drunk. However, the woman’s fourth drunk driving arrest was made prior to the state legislature’s changing of the law. Just because someone has been arrested for and charged with DUI does not mean he or she is automatically guilty. Rather, the person is presumed innocent unless and until the prosecution can prove the charge beyond a reasonable doubt. The criminal defense will fight for the most favorable outcome for the client and also ensure that his or her rights are honored during the criminal proceedings.

Source: aspentimes.com, “Aspen woman pleads guilty to felony DUI“, Jason Auslander, Oct. 17, 2016

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