One woman in Colorado is facing several serious charges related to driving under the influence. The DUI charges were filed after two motorcyclists recently died in an alleged drunk driving accident. The reported DUI accident took place on a Saturday afternoon in late February.

Police said a sedan that a 27-year-old woman was driving was heading south on the highway. The car suddenly went over into the lanes going north. While in the oncoming lanes, it hit a motorcycle. The motorcyclist, 58, and his 56-year-old female passenger were thrown from the bike as a result of the impact of the crash. They ended up dying at the crash scene.

Another motorcycle that was ridden by a 28-year-old man was additionally struck, and the man on this bike suffered injuries deemed to be minor. None of the motorcyclists involved in the crash were wearing helmets. The woman who drove the car that allegedly caused the accident was charged with DUI, vehicular homicide caused by DUI and reckless driving, and assault in the third degree. The other charges filed against her include failing to provide vehicle insurance.

The woman facing DUI and other criminal charges in Colorado may be given the chance to strike a plea deal with prosecutors, which might offer a lighter sentence than one that would be rendered if the individual were to be found guilty at trial. However, instead of plea bargaining, the accused may decide to simply proceed to trial to vigorously fight the charges. Defense counsel will strive for an outcome that is in the defendant’s best interests, considering the circumstances surrounding the case.

Source:, “Two motorcyclists die in Douglas County crash; woman arrested on suspicion of DUI“, Feb. 28, 2016

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