A 56-year-old woman in Colorado was accused of trying to murder someone after crashing her vehicle into a house recently. The woman was also charged with DUI. The incident took place on a Thursday afternoon.

Police reported that the crash occurred at about 4:50 p.m. The accused woman is said to have repeatedly rammed her vehicle into the walls of a home near Motor City, causing major damage to the residence. A 24-year-old woman and her two small kids were in the house at that time. She was able to get herself and the children out before a wall collapsed.

Officials said when the driver of the vehicle left the accident scene, she blew through a red light at an intersection, causing a crash involving four cars. The woman was then arrested. She now faces multiple charges, including DUI, not obeying a red light and not having proof of insurance. She was also accused of driving while her privilege or license to drive was under restraint, attempted murder in the first degree (three counts) and felony criminal mischief.

Colorado prosecutors have a duty to prove the woman’s DUI and other criminal charges beyond a reasonable doubt; if they do not meet this burden of proof, no criminal conviction can occur. Nevertheless, instead of proceeding to trial, the woman may accept a plea deal with the prosecution, if given the opportunity to do so; a plea bargain may offer the benefit of leading to a lighter sentence for the accused than might be imposed if she were to be convicted at trial. If a plea agreement is offered, the defendant has the option of accepting it or proceeding to trial.

Source: fox21news.com, “Woman facing attempted murder charges after repeatedly ramming minivan into house“, Angela Case, Nov. 20, 2015

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