A Colorado motor vehicle collision involving several parked automobiles recently led to one woman’s fourth DUI arrest. The incident allegedly involving DUI occurred on a Monday evening. Police said the woman was driving a minivan and hit seven parked cars while in a downtown parking lot.

The 43-year-old apparently has a couple of previous convictions for driving under the influence as well as one for operating a vehicle while ability impaired. In addition to facing her fourth charge of driving under the influence now, she faces charges of failing to present proof of driver’s insurance and operating a vehicle with an open container of alcohol inside. She has also been accused of driving carelessly.

The woman has additionally been charged with leaving the accident scene, as she is said to have kept driving after hitting the first couple of parked vehicles. She ended up striking a tree. A bond for the woman was set at $10,000, conditioned on her abstaining from use of alcohol or drugs, electronic alcohol monitoring and no driving.

In the state of Colorado, being convicted for driving under the influence multiple times has serious consequences, including time behind bars. However, a person facing DUI charges has the right to aggressively fight these charges at trial, where the prosecution has to prove them beyond a reasonable doubt before any conviction can happen. This standard is in place in an effort to prevent innocent people from being charged with and convicted of crimes they did not commit. Any person accused of driving while under the influence has the same legal rights guaranteed to people facing other types of criminal charges in Colorado.

Source: timescall.com, “Driver who struck parked vehicles arrested on suspicion of DUI, makes first court appearance“, Amelia Arvesen, July 26, 2016

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