One man, a retired colonel in the U.S. Army, was recently accused of drinking and driving. His actions reportedly led to a deadly hit-and-run collision that claimed the life of a state trooper. People who are accused of vehicular assault or homicide in Colorado have the same rights guaranteed to people accused of committing other types of crimes in this state.

The reported drunk driving accident happened on a Sunday night along Interstate 25. Police said a 33-year-old state trooper was driving on the road when her vehicle was struck by a vehicle operated by the 52-year-old man. The man had allegedly been drinking all day at a football game.

The man has been charged with multiple felonies, including hit-and-run, tampering with evidence and vehicular homicide. He was additionally charged with two drunk driving misdemeanors. He faces the possibility of more than 25 years in a Colorado prison on these charges and has posted a bail of $500,000.

Those accused of vehicular assault or homicide in Colorado have the right to go to trial to vigorously contest the charges. Alternatively, some defendants may decide to enter a plea agreement, if given the opportunity. In the face of strong evidence, striking a plea bargain with the prosecution might offer the advantage of a lighter sentence than what would be imposed should a conviction be secured at trial. In either circumstance, defense counsel will strive to protect the accused’s legal rights while fighting for the client’s best interests at every stage of the criminal proceedings.

Source:, “Felony charges for former Army colonel accused of killing state trooper in DUI crash“, Dec. 18, 2015

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