One man has been arrested in Colorado after allegedly striking and killing a girl. Police said the accident occurred due to driving while under the influence of drugs. Any person facing vehicular assault or homicide charges in connection with DUID is always presumed innocent unless and until he or she is proved guilty in a court of law.

The accident occurred in May and took the life of a girl who was 8 years old. At the time of the accident, the girl was riding her bike, and her stepfather was with her. According to police, the man’s system had marijuana in it when he drove his car and hit the girl at a crosswalk.

Prosecutors said that the science dealing with intoxication by marijuana is much more complicated than that involving alcohol intoxication. However, the prosecution believes that enough evidence exists to prove that the man was impaired at the time of the collision. The man ended up turning himself in to the authorities after police issued a warrant for the man’s arrest. He now faces charges of DUID and vehicular homicide.

When people in Colorado are charged with vehicular assault or homicide as a result of driving under the influence of the drugs, they may vigorously defend themselves against these charges at trial. The criminal defense will work to pinpoint any weaknesses in the prosecutor’s case against the defendant. In some cases, the defendant may choose to strike a plea deal with the prosecution, if one is offered, in exchange for favorable sentencing considerations. In either situation, the criminal defense will push for the most personally favorable outcome for the accused.

Source:, “DUI Driver Arrested on Homicide Charges”, July 30, 2016

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