Thanksgiving and Christmas can be unintended catalysts for divorce. These holidays can increase stress and conflict for married persons and former partners going through divorce proceedings. For most of us it is a stressful holiday season to begin with. That’s why it is even more important for litigants to have a skilled advocate and counselor in their corner during this time of year.  The holiday season itself may not be a good time to begin divorce proceedings; however, January is the busiest month for new divorce filings largely due to couples waiting until after the holidays to divorce.

Potential tax and other financial implications may also make it smart to wait until the New Year to file for divorce. Bonuses received around the holidays will be considered as marital assets. If divorce proceedings have already begun, bonuses do not necessarily have to be shared between the divorcing parties. You may have many practical reasons to wait until after the holidays to begin divorce proceedings, then again the need may be immediate for many other reasons.  In either case, call Boal Law Firm, PC and schedule a free, half-hour consultation for your domestic relations matter.

Practical Discussions With Your Colorado Divorce Attorney

Filing for divorce requires attorney consultation and practical preparation in order to achieve the best, most fair outcome. It is best to approach divorce by gathering important financial documentation like tax returns, recent paystubs and bills, and documents showing proof of insurance. Copies of wage statements, tax returns, mortgage deeds, property valuations, insurance policies, bank statements and other pertinent financial documents are helpful in determining a proper division of assets. It can be difficult to locate some of this information.

Brian Boal can clearly explain what records you will need for your divorce. We have helped many clients understand the specifics and importance and properly comply with the disclosure requirment.  In many cases there are assets that are hidden or forgotten that must be included when determining the total value of the marital estate including the spouses’ debt obligations.

In the state of Colorado, divorce can take as few as 91 days from the time papers are served to be finalized. (Keep in mind every divorce case is different). The party who has been served with divorce papers has 21 days to respond. The period is 35 days for respondents who live outside the state. We can help you prepare to file for divorce and serve your spouse or we can help you respond if you have been served yourself. Mr. Boal and his dedicated staff have experience helping both petitioners and respondents in a variety of situations. Regardless of whether there are children, extenuating circumstances or high value assets involved tht need to be considered and divided, we can help you protect your interests. Call us for an initial consultation if you have questions about starting your divorce.


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