Vehicular assault charge after driver confusion in Colorado

Following a car accident, Colorado police must work to put together the pieces of the puzzle that explains the events leading up to the incident. However, in some cases, they are left to draw conclusions based on the evidence presented to them. They now say that they have concluded that [...]

Man accused of vehicular homicide, DUI following Colorado crash

Accidents can happen at any second for a variety of different reasons. While some may be the result of criminal behavior, many are due to a relatively simple driver miscalculation. Unfortunately, police in Colorado may be quick to jump to conclusions about the cause of an accident, especially if the [...]

Man charged with DUI after bicycle crash

Almost all drivers in Colorado have likely encountered bicyclists when they travel. While it is necessary to take extra precautions when cyclists are in the area, unpredictable actions can sometimes result in an accident. Unfortunately, a driver is now accused of DUI, among other charges, following a collision between a [...]

Colorado Springs crash leads to vehicular homicide charge

Car accidents happen for a variety of different reasons. When they occur in the early morning hours, the cause could be related to driver fatigue or lack of visibility. Unfortunately, a recent fatal crash in Colorado Springs has left one man wondering how to respond to criminal charges, including vehicular [...]

Vehicular assault charges following Colorado crash

In the aftermath of a serious car accident, those involved often do and say things that could seem unusual as their minds and bodies process what just occurred to them. While often simply a product of shock, some people might interpret these actions as indicators of something more serious -- [...]

Colorado vehicular homicide suspect turns self in

Anyone who has driven late at night is likely aware of the additional challenges that drivers face. Reduced visibility, for example, may make it difficult to see a person or object in the road in time to properly respond. Unfortunately, Colorado police have now charged a man with vehicular homicide [...]

Colorado driver charged with vehicular homicide

Even the most careful drivers can sometimes overlook a traffic signal. Because a single moment of inattention -- something as simple as looking down to switch on a vehicle's headlights -- can cause a Colorado driver to miss a red light, it is understandable that accidents happen even to drivers [...]

Teenager faces vehicular homicide charge in Colorado

The loss of a family member is always devastating. A demand for justice following a loss believed to have been caused by another person's negligent or reckless act is understandable. However, in order for there to be a conviction of criminal charges, there must be sufficient evidence to prove guilt [...]

Driver charged with vehicular assault after Colorado crash

It is sometimes difficult for drivers to react to unexpected changes in traffic. However, even when other circumstances cause an accident, police may still conclude that imparment by alcohol, drugs, even prescribed medications, played a role in the crash and charge the driver with felony vehicular assault resulting from DUI/DUID. [...]

Colorado driver accused of vehicular homicide

People react in different ways to being involved in a serious car accident. For some, panic ensues, causing them to react in ways that some may find surprising. Unfortunately, many judgements are made about a person based on one's response to their involvement an accident. Police claim that a man [...]