Almost all drivers in Colorado have likely encountered bicyclists when they travel. While it is necessary to take extra precautions when cyclists are in the area, unpredictable actions can sometimes result in an accident. Unfortunately, a driver is now accused of DUI, among other charges, following a collision between a pickup truck and a cyclist.

The incident allegedly happened on a morning in early December. According to reports, a cyclist and a 42-year-old driver were both headed in the same direction. The bicycle was reportedly in front of the pickup truck. While both were said to have been making a left turn, police claim that the driver of the truck attempted to pass the cyclist on the left, causing a collision.

The cyclist was reportedly thrown from the bike into a grassy area and is said to have suffered serious injuries, although he was released from the hospital later the same day. Police claim that the pickup driver did not stay at the scene, but he was apprehended shortly afterward. In addition to the DUI charge, he is also facing charges of vehicular assault and hit and run, among others. Another cyclist riding with the one involved in the accident claims that she signaled before she turned.

The DUI and other charges against the man accused of striking the cyclist are serious. Because many people in Colorado have little experience with criminal charges, they often are unsure how to best proceed. Fortunately, there are experienced professionals who can help them make the necessary decisions.

Source:, “Driver faces DUI, vehicular assault charges in collision with cyclist in Longmont,” Amelia Arvesen, Dec. 4, 2017

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