St. Patrick’s Day DUI in Colorado?

St. Patrick's Day has historically drawn people out to celebrate with libations at bars and pubs, with a heavy emphasis on alcohol consumption. This usually leads to numerous stops by law enforcement for suspected drinking and driving. Though we don't yet have numbers for DUI arrests for St. Patrick's Day [...]

Be Smart About Underage DUIs This Graduation Season

With graduation season here, plans for parties, celebrations and fun get-togethers are being formulated, and alcohol inevitably finds its way into many of these gatherings. If you are a high-school student, a college student under 21 or the parent of any of these young people, take stock. First and foremost, [...]

Don’t make a bad situation worse

Persons arrested for DUI are often charged with other criminal offenses such as vehicular eluding and leaving the scene of the accident.  Where an accident results in death or serious bodily injury, leaving the scene of the accident is aggravated from a misdemeanor to a felony level offense, carrying with it more [...]

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