No one plans to be arrested over the holidays for a DUI. In fact, this is the time for family, fun, friends and yes, even a drink or two. However, one of the keys to making it a happy holiday season is to avoid driving after consuming alcohol, or at the very least, not drinking to excess before getting behind the wheel.  Remember that “buzzed” driving is impaired driving that can subject you to a DUI even if your BAC less than .08.

Boal Law Firm wants you to know that it is always safest to designate a sober driver if you plan to drink over the holidays.  Otherwise, call an Uber or taxi to take you home.  It is never advisable to get behind the wheel after drinking any amount of alcohol.

Did you know that most casual drinkers have no idea how many drinks might take them beyond the legal limit? This is the time of year when Colorado law enforcement strengthens efforts to crack down on driving under the influence of alcohol and drugs.

The Heat Is On Campaign

Through the use of Colorado’s The Heat Is On campaign, law enforcement’s heightened efforts continue through December 31.

Combined with, A Few Can Still Be Dangerous, which raises awareness about just how many drinks take you beyond the legal limit, you can expect heightened patrols, particularly over the holidays. The campaign utilizes Drug Recognition Experts (DREs), specially trained to recognize indicia of impairment in drivers stopped for driving under the influence or any reason whatsoever. These officers receive training in evaluating behaviors and indicia of impairment by a wide range of both illegal and legal drugs, as well as field sobriety testing. During the Thanksgiving holiday season alone, the CDOT reported that over 500 arrestswere made through their Heat is On efforts.

But what costs might you face with such a charge? Considering fines, attorney’s fees, and possible increased insurance premiums, lost wages while serving a jail sentence, the expenses for such an arrest can by staggering. Brian Boal, our seasoned DUI defense attorney at Boal Law Firm, P.C., is here to help. We excel in critical examination of evidence, reviewing the actions of arresting officers and thoroughly analyzing all information related to your case to prepare a strong defense. Our firm understands that Breathalyzers and blood tests can sometimes produce inaccurate and unreliable results for a variety of reasons.

On behalf of Boal Law Firm, P.C., have a happy holiday season! If you are going to drink, please utilize sober drivers, cab services, or public transportation whenever possible. However, if you find yourself facing a DUI, we’re here to help. Don’t chance fighting such a serious charge alone. Give our committed and strategic team a call.

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