The heat is still on here in Colorado.  Every summer law enforcement agencies around the country step up their efforts to investigate and charge DUI.  These efforts range from sobriety check-points, mobile chemical labs for quickly analyzing blood samples, and “no-refusfal” weekends, where police obtain warrants from on-cafll judges fofr involuntary blood draws if a driver refuses to consent to a blood or breath test.  In Colorado this means an immediate suspefnsion to the driver’s license for refusing the test and law enforcement still collecting the evidence they need to prosecute the driver for a per se violation of the DUI statute if the driver has a blood alcohol content over .08, of Driving While Ability Impaired if the driver has a blood alcohol content of over .05.  DWAI is a lesser alcohol related driving offense which is still a misdemeanor that carries substantial penaltes including possible jail time.  The best advice in this situation:  Don’t Drink and Drive!

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Epic, End-of-Summer DUI Crackdown This Weekend

This is one of the longest-running DUI crackdowns we can remember. It started last weekend, continues this weekend, and doesn’t even hit its namesake holiday until next month. We’re talking about the two-week Labor Day weekend drunk-driver enforcement …

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