Expect to see local police and Colorado State Patrol out in force again over the coming weekend as well as the remainder of summer. Colorado law enforcement officers are once again ramping up their efforts to reduce drunk driving across the state. As such, they will be out and about looking for those whom they suspect of DUI.

According to law enforcment, last year the summer months produced the most DUI-related deaths. This is not surprising as the summer months often include the opportunity to visit with family and friends which often involves the consumption and enjoyment of alcoholic beverages. In order to combat this deadly uptick, officers will be increasing DUI patrols and sobriety checkpoints over the coming months.

As a part of this summer campaign, officers will be stopping those whom they believe may be driving impaired. An officer conducting a traffic stop will make contact with the driver and ask to see his or her driver’s license, registration and insurance card. While this interaction is occurring, the officer will be accessing the situation and observing the driver to determine if he or she is under the influence. If it is suspected that the driver is impaired, a field sobriety test and/or blood alcohol test will likely be requested. At this point, the driver will either be released to continue on his or her way or charged with DUI and/or other traffic offenses.

Charges of DUI can have serious consequences for Colorado drivers. If convicted, it is likely that the individual will lose driving privileges. DUI convictions can also include fines and jail sentences. When facing such charges, it is always in one’s interest to work with an experienced attorney who can assess the case against the driver and help them achieve the best possible outcome by making the best possible decision.

Source: 9news.com, “DUI crackdown across Colorado this weekend“, Bobbi Sheldon, June 17, 2017

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