Once a life has been taken, nothing can be done to bring that individual back. At this point, the Colorado family is left to grieve, find closure and begin the recovery process. For the individual accused of taking the life, however, in addition to dealing with the shock and emotional issues, there are often many legal concerns that come into play. When such an incident involves a car accident, charges of vehicular assault or homicide may be filed.

Thanksgiving 2016 brought such tragedy. As one driver was driving the wrong way on a Colorado highway, he collided with another vehicle. One 19-year-old was killed in the crash, and a 16-year-old was seriously injured. The driver on the wrong side of the highway was accused of drunk driving.

In addition to the surge of emotions that this driver had to face, he also had to face the various legal charges that were brought against him. Apparently, he had a previous DUI conviction dating back to 2012. This time he was charged with drunk driving along with vehicular assault or homicide. He was recently convicted and sentenced to a 37-year prison term.

The average individual does not set out to drink and drive or cause harm to another individual. Unfortunately, sometimes decisions are made and actions are taken that do not always have the best results. In a situation such as this one where the individual finds him or herself charged with vehicular assault or homicide, experienced legal counsel to navigate the Colorado legal process is a wise choice.

Source: 9news.com, “Man sentenced to 37 years after deadly crash“, Eddie Randle, April 7, 2017

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