Speed limits, passing lanes and other traffic laws are in place to protect Colorado drivers. Some of these regulations seem trivial on the surface; however, when they are ignored, the results can be devastating. One Colorado man is now facing vehicular homicide and vehicular assault charges in the wake of what appears to be an accident caused by failure to adhere to traffic regulations.

According to the accident report, in Dec. 2016, one Colorado driver was traveling in excess of 85 mph in a zone designated as 65 mph. The report indicates that this driver then decided to pass another driver and crossed into the oncoming lane of traffic in order to do so. However, rather than safely pass the other vehicle, the driver collided with a Toyota Camry.

In all, five vehicles became involved in this accident. In addition, the driver of the Camry was killed. The driver accused of causing the accident and his wife were both critically injured. This driver was arrested and charged with a variety of traffic and criminal charges in relation to the accident.

In a situation such as this one, the accused individual will benefit from working with experienced legal counsel. In this particular case, a plea arrangement is currently being prepared. This agreement is awaiting presentation to the victim’s family, and the accused’s arraignment before a Colorado judge has been postponed to allow for this to happen. Vehicular homicide and vehicular assault charges carry with them severe penalties; it will be necessary for the accused to answer to these charges within a court of law.

Source: dailycamera.com, “Bob Greenlee case delayed as DA works on plea deal in fatal crash,” Mitchell Byars, July 20, 2017

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