Child custody cases can be lengthy processes in Colorado. This is particularly true when these cases are part of bigger divorce cases. Unfortunately, the longer it draws out, the more emotionally and financially draining the child custody case can be.

However, if both parents are in agreement regarding most child custody terms, then they do not have to rely on the court to set these terms for them. Instead, they can embark on the process of mediation, which is an alternative to traditional litigation. Making decisions about sharing parental responsibilities after divorce can be a more amicable experience with mediation.

Why mediation?

There are quite a few reasons to consider mediation instead of simply going to trial. First, generally, your mediator — a neutral third party who facilitates communication between you and your future ex — cannot impose any solutions on you or take sides. Rather, he or she helps you to resolve your issues with as little conflict as possible, so the parents feel more in control.

In addition, because mediation is non-adversarial, this process is far less threatening and stressful than going to court. Plus, one cannot generally utilize anything said during mediation sessions as evidence in a trial, if a trial is necessary in the future. As a result, both parties can usually talk more freely compared to in court.

Other benefits of child custody mediation

Another benefit of mediation is that it can set a healthy tone for your and your future ex’s relationship in the future. Over the next several years, you will have to communicate with each other regarding your children. Mediation gives you the valuable opportunity to practice doing this early on, which can be helpful not only for the parents but also for the quality of life of the children down the road.

Even if you and your spouse have a hard time getting along, you can still participate in mediation separately by being in your own rooms and allowing the mediator to go back and forth between both rooms to work on an agreement for you.

Mediation can also be a lot less expensive compared to working through the court. A divorce attorney in Colorado can walk you through the child custody mediation process and help you to make personally favorable decisions regarding sharing parental responsibilities in the years ahead.

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