A man in Colorado has been convicted of driving under the influence for the fifth time. As a result, he recently received the maximum sentence possible. The man convicted of DUI is 40 years old.

The accused individual had four prior DUI convictions relating to driving under the influence in multiple counties. His most recent arrest for driving while impaired took place in October 2015. The man also had a conviction for vehicular homicide after police say he caused a fatal car crash back in 1995.

During his most recent arrest, the man reportedly admitted that he had been consuming beer. Following a blood test, it was determined that his blood alcohol content was .26 percent, which was more than triple the legal limit in Colorado. His driver’s license at the time had already been revoked due to his being a habitual offender of traffic laws. The man was sentenced to a dozen years behind prison bars for his DUI felony as well as an extra 3.5 years on other charges, including driving while being a habitual offender.

A person is accused of DUI in Colorado is always presumed innocent until and unless prosecutors can prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt and in court. Only then can a conviction be handed down. Alternatively, the accused individual may choose to pursue a plea deal with the prosecution, which may result in a lighter sentence than what would take place if he or she were to be found guilty at trial. Defense counsel in either situation will strive to make sure that the accused person’s legal rights are upheld during all stages of the criminal proceedings.

Source: kdvr.com, “Man convicted of fifth DUI in Colorado sentenced to 15 years in prison“, Anica Padilla, Jan. 5, 2017

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