A vehicle accident recently took place in Colorado that police said was caused by drunk driving. The accident occurred on a Monday and involved two cars. A man was arrested for DUI following the accident.

Officials were called concerning the accident at around 9:15 p.m. When they arrived at the crash scene, they found that a car and truck had crashed. The car was going south on one street when it hit the truck, which was parked and unoccupied at the time of the wreck. A passenger who was riding in the car, however, died at the crash scene.

Three other people also suffered serious injuries in the crash and were taken to the hospital via helicopter. The 20-year-old man who is said to have caused the accident did not want to take a chemical test following the crash. He currently faces several charges, including driving while under the influence of drugs, alcohol or both, as well as reckless driving. His other charges are vehicular assault related to DUI (three counts), reckless vehicular homicide and vehicular homicide related to DUI.

When individuals are charged with DUI in Colorado, it is within their rights to go to trial to fight these allegations. As an alternative, they might decide to pursue plea agreements with the prosecution, if available. This may be a wise choice if the prosecution’s evidence supporting the formal accusations appears to be strong. A plea deal might offer the advantage of leading to reduced charges and/or a more lenient sentence than what would be rendered following a finding of guilt at trial.

Source: canoncitydailyrecord.com, “Man arrested in Rockvale accident admits to drinking prior“, Sarah Matott, May 4, 2016

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