One error in judgment is all it takes. Many times, an individual is not the best judge of whether he or she should be driving. A miscalculation of one’s ability to legally drink and drive can have devastating consequences for all involved. If such action leads to the death of another within Colorado, it is possible that the driver will be charged with vehicular homicide.

Recently, a 52-year-old Colorado driver made a left-hand turn and apparently misjudged the situation. Rather than turning into his lane of traffic, he crashed head-on with a Dodge Stratus. The driver of the Stratus, a high school senior, died before he could receive medical assistance. Colorado law enforcement charged the surviving driver with vehicular homicide. In addition, they claim that he was drunk driving.

So far, no details regarding law enforcement allegations in this case have been released. In a situation such as this one, the accused driver will most likely benefit from working with a skilled defense team. A case like this one is certain to garner media attention; therefore, making sure that the accused’s rights are protected is essential.

Prior to answering to charges of vehicular  homicide before a Colorado judge, the defense team will want to review all available evidence. Additionally, they will want to take a look at how this evidence was obtained and all other information pertinent to the situation. These details will then guide the defense team and accused individual in the best way to approach the particular situation.

Source:, “Teen killed in suspected DUI crash 1 month before graduation“, April 14, 2017

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