Driving under the influence is thought to be the cause of one injury accident in Colorado. The crash occurred on a Friday evening. The vehicle accident involved a sport utility vehicle and motorcycle, and one of the drivers was charged with DUI.

Police said they were called to a street intersection regarding a vehicle accident involving a motorcycle and an Oldsmobile Bravada. The man operating the motorcycle suffered serious injuries. However, his injuries were deemed not to be life threatening.

The Oldsmobile driver, a man, was said to have been driving under the influence of either alcohol or drugs. He ended up being arrested. He might also face extra charges pending the results of a police investigation.

Individuals facing charges of DUI have the right to go to trial to defend themselves against the charges if they consider this to be in their best interests. At trial, prosecutors have to prove the allegations by appropriate evidence before criminal convictions are possible. In some cases, a defendant may decide to seek to negotiate for a plea deal rather than go to trial, as a plea agreement might lead to reduced charges or a lighter sentence from the Colorado court. This may be particularly beneficial if the prosecution’s evidence appears to be strong. The criminal defense in a DUI case will push for an outcome that is as favorable for the accused as possible while also striving to ensure that all of the individual’s relevant legal rights are upheld at all stages of the criminal proceedings.

Source: fox21news.com, “Man arrested for DUI that caused crash in CO Springs“, Alexa Mae Asperin, May 21, 2016

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