A man in Colorado will face prison time after having been convicted of driving under the influence multiple times. Most recently, the man is said to have caused a vehicle crash that led to injuries to a man, 83. The man accused of DUI is 33 years old.

The man pleaded guilty in May to vehicular assault and apologized in court for the crash that injured the 83-year-old man. He was sentenced to a total of eight years behind prison bars. The judge overseeing the case selected the maximum sentence that was available under the man’s plea agreement, asserting that the man had had many opportunities to deal with his addiction to alcohol and had failed to do so.

According to authorities, the man’s blood alcohol content was quadruple the legal limit at the time of the May accident. Police said he had also been speeding when the crash occurred. The accident took place in a drop-off and pick-up area at an airport.

A person facing a DUI charge in Colorado — alongside his or her legal counsel — might have the chance to negotiate a plea deal in exchange for lighter charges and favorable sentencing considerations. The accused is not obligated to accept this type of offer. However, if an offer is made, it might allow the individual the best chance to make an informed choice regarding his or her criminal defense options. Otherwise, the accused individual retains the right to proceed to trial to fight the charges based on the facts and circumstances surrounding the case.

Source: gazette.com, “Colorado man gets 8 years in prison for repeated DUIs“, Sept. 21, 2016

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