Drunk driving is a problem whenever it occurs, but it is well-known in the criminal justice system that the offenders that are the most concerning are repeat offenders. Whereas many drunk drivers will generally clean up their act after facing DUI charges the first or second time, there are some offenders that continue repeating the same behavior over and over. These are the ones who present a more serious risk to other drivers.

In an effort to address the problem, Colorado lawmakers recently passed a bill that would ensure that those facing their fourth DUI are severely punished. We’ve previously written about this bill, under which a fourth DUI offense would qualify as a felony and could be punished by as much as six years in prison plus a fine. The number of repeat DUI offenders in Colorado who could be affected by the measure is not negligible. Last year alone, over 12,000 individuals were classified as persistent drunk drivers.

Those who are facing DUI charges as persistent offenders, of course, have as much of a right to a strong defense as first-time offenders. Regardless of the criminal history of an offender, it is always important to have one’s case evaluated and determine its weak points and develop a strategy or plan for minimizing the consequences of charges.

The types of issues that can come up in DUI defense vary, of course, and having an experienced attorney to help spot these issues and to act as an advocate for one’s interests is critical to building the best possible case.

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