One woman has been charged with driving under the influence in Colorado. Her DUI/DUID/DWAI charges come after she was reportedly involved in a vehicle accident. The motor vehicle accident caused serious injuries to two people.

The wreck took place at a little past 8:30 p.m. According to police, the 25-year-old woman was driving south on a street. All of a sudden, she ran off the road and struck a light post.

Two people were seriously injured in the collision and were taken to the hospital. The woman who allegedly caused the crash also went to a medical center after suffering minor injuries in the crash. She was then arrested after the hospital released her. She has been charged not only with DUI involving drugs but also careless driving and vehicular assault.

When people have been accused of DUI/DUID/DWAI in Colorado, it is within their rights to proceed to trial in order to defend themselves against the charges. At trial, prosecutors need to prove a person’s criminal charges by appropriate evidence in order for a conviction to be secured. A defendant also has the option of trying to negotiate a plea deal with the prosecution, if available, which might result in a more lenient sentence than what would be imposed following a guilty finding. Defense counsel will pursue an outcome that is ultimately in the client’s best interests while simultaneously striving to make sure that all of his or her rights are protected at all stages of the criminal justice proceeding.

Source:, “Driver charged with DUI after 2 hospitalized in Colorado Springs crash“, Jerry Herman, Nov. 8, 2015

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