Colorado has added a felony DUI law to its books. Thus, the state of Colorado now features some of the harshest penalties for driving while under the influence of alcohol or drugs, along with other offenses. When people face DUI penalties, it is generally beneficial to have knowledgeable, dedicated and responsible legal representation.

In Colorado, even if you do not have a blood alcohol level of at least .08 percent, you can still be charged with driving while ability impaired. This means driving while you are impaired to a slight degree by drugs, alcohol or both. The standards for this are lower, but judges have the option to hand down a sentence that is similar to that for a DUI conviction, which can include jail time, as well as court costs and fines totaling thousands of dollars.

If you are convicted of DUI a second time, the penalties are a lot harsher. You will face mandatory jail time and also have your driver’s license suspended for one year. Also, when your license has been restored, you have to cover the cost of the installation of an ignition interlock device and utilize it before starting your car. The penalties become even harsher for your third DUI offense.

Prosecutors can treat a fourth DUI offense like a felony, with a conviction potentially meaning six years behind bars. Although you may be tempted to plead guilty to move on from the ordeal, you might end up suffering more severe consequences down the road. These consequences can often be avoided when you have proper legal representation. An attorney in Colorado can explain all of your options, protect your rights and assist you in determining the most ideal way to proceed in the criminal justice system.

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