One woman is facing a charge for driving under the influence in Colorado following a traffic stop. Police initially pulled the woman over because she had a broken headlight, but they ended up arresting her for DUI. The incident took place on a recent Thursday morning in August.

According to police, at around 12:40 a.m., a police officer spotted a vehicle with a headlight that was broken. He pulled the vehicle over, and as he went near it, the female driver opened her door and reportedly spit out an egg that had been hard boiled. The woman, 32, allegedly told authorities she was choking on the egg.

Police said the woman then showed the police officer a sandwich bag containing marijuana, and she admitted to being on felony probation. After checking her background, police determined that she lacked a driver’s license, and after searching her car, they reportedly discovered a scale, multiple plastic bags, cocaine, morphine, heroin and methamphetamine. They tested the woman for driving under the influence and arrested her.

As the woman’s DUI case moves forward in Colorado, she might be offered the opportunity to negotiate a plea deal with prosecutors, alongside her defense counsel. If a plea bargain is offered, this must be weighed against the potential outcome of going to trial on the merits of the evidence to reach a decision regarding the best course of action for the woman to take. The criminal defense will push for the outcome that is most personally favorable for the accused, considering the circumstances surrounding the case.

Source:, “Woman arrested for DUI after being pulled over for broken headlight“, Angela Case, Aug. 11, 2016

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