A DUI charge was recently filed against a man in Colorado following a traffic accident. The rollover crash happened on a Saturday. At the time of the alleged DUI accident, three children were in the man’s pickup truck.

The accident took place at around 9:30 p.m. along a county road. A Chevrolet Suburban was headed south. All of a sudden, the car entered a curve and ended up skidding off the road. The vehicle then flipped and landed on its roof.

It went down an embankment before coming to rest. The 30-year-old driver was arrested following the crash and charged with driving under the influence. Police said they were looking into whether the man and the three juveniles in the vehicle with him were wearing seatbelts when the accident occurred. No one died in the crash.

When a person in Colorado has been charged with DUI, each element of the charge must be proved beyond a reasonable doubt, just as with any other criminal accusation. Otherwise, a conviction is not possible. If the person feels it is in his or her best interest due to the weight of the evidence, a negotiated plea agreement — if offered by the prosecution — may be preferable to going to trial. A plea agreement could result in a lighter charge and/or a more lenient sentence compared with what may result following a finding of guilt at trial. No matter which avenue the defendant takes, defense counsel will focus on achieving the best possible result under the circumstances.

Source: craigdailypress.com, “1 man arrested for DUI after rollover — 3 juveniles were in vehicle“, June 6, 2016

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