Colorado drivers have to make a variety of decisions each time they drive. They must decide which way to travel to their destinations as well as which traffic laws they will adhere to. When one makes the decision to get behind the wheel of a vehicle, he or she also makes the decision to be responsible for the consequences that result from his or her actions. Unfortunately, sometimes a decision is made that has tragic consequences and results in charges of vehicular assault or homicide.

This past December, a tragic accident occurred. One driver decided to pass another, and in the process, he hit the sedan he was attempting to pass. Both of these vehicles then crashed into three others.

Authorities believe that the driver who attempted to pass the sedan was speeding. The driver of the sedan did not survive the accident; seven individuals were transported to a local hospital. Police reports indicate that this decision to pass while speeding ultimately may have caused the accident, and the driver has now been charged with vehicular assault or homicide.

The exact speed at which both vehicles were traveling has not been presented. Additionally, any action that the driver of the sedan may have taken while being passed has not been indicated. In a situation such as this one, there are a number of factors which will need to be analyzed to determine the exact cause of the accident. When one finds himself or herself in a situation similar to this one, he or she will want an experienced legal team working to defend these charges of vehicular assault or homicide. Evidence will need to be thoroughly reviewed prior to the defendant appearing in a Colorado court of law.

Source:, “Former Boulder Mayor Turns Himself in for Fatal Crash“, March 16, 2017

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