It is sometimes difficult for drivers to react to unexpected changes in traffic. However, even when other circumstances cause an accident, police may still conclude that imparment by alcohol, drugs, even prescribed medications, played a role in the crash and charge the driver with felony vehicular assault resulting from DUI/DUID. In what is unfortunately a regular occurence on a daily basis in Colorado, another driver has been charged with vehicular assault following a recent crash.

The incident reportedly happened on a night in late September. Police claim that a car driven by a 30-year-old man was traveling at a high rate of speed when it struck the rear of another vehicle. The impact reportedly caused vehicle operated by the victim motorist to leave the roadway and strike two utility poles before coming to a rest on its side.

The female driver of the vehicle reportedly had to be extricated from the car and suffered serious injuries. Reports claim that the male driver did not remain at the scene. He was allegedly discovered a short time later, and police claim he was intoxicated. They arrested him and charged him with DUI and reckless driving in addition to the vehicular assault charge.

In the aftermath of a crash such as this, people who are involved often react in ways that may not seem rational even if there is no obvious physical injury. It is unclear how police officers determined the male driver was under the influence rather than simply in shock. When charged with serious offenses like vehicular assault for recklessness or DUI/DUID, the stakes are high and the outcome in legal proceedings can have tremendous consequences for the driver up to and including a lengthy prison sentence.  The decisions to be made in the coming weeks and months are very important and could possibly have lifelong repercussions.

Colorado criminal defense attorneys are licensed legal professionals trained to negotiate with district attorneys and prosecutors, navigate the court system, and argue in court on your behalf so as to achieve the most desirable outcome possible under your particular circumstances.

Source:, “Woman seriously injured in rollover crash on Highway 24”, Sept. 25, 2017

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