Although people are often charged with driving while under the influence of alcohol, an increasing number of people in Colorado are facing charges of driving under the influence of drugs, or DUID. Being pulled over for DUI/DUID/DWAI can be scary, as this type of criminal conviction can have long-term consequences. For instance, a conviction may make it challenging to claim a job in the future.

A DUID charge, in particular, can be filed against you if police believe you have been operating a vehicle while impaired by narcotics such as meth, cocaine, marijuana and even prescription drugs. Many changes have been made to the state’s DUID statutes, with more slated to come. A qualified attorney can help you to stay ahead of these changes and will employ an effective defense strategy on your behalf.

In a regular case of DUI, defense strategies usually center on raising questions about whether a sobriety test is reliable. However, in a DUID case, you have more options. You can challenge not only a test’s reliability but also the validity of the state’s legal limit of 5 nanograms of THC. In fact, you may even be able to present evidence that you personally do not experience impairment by this particular quantity of THC.

In a case of DUI/DUID/DWAI, you have the right to fight the charges in criminal court. If the prosecution offers a plea deal, you may also choose to accept this deal, as it may result in a lighter sentence for you. A Colorado attorney will make sure that your rights are safeguarded at every stage of the criminal proceeding and will strive for a result that is in your best interest.

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