Law enforcement authorities are investigating an accident that recently occurred in Colorado Springs. They believe that impairment was a contributing factor in this collision. While it has not been reported whether any charges have been filed in this case, if the driver deemed responsible is charged, he would likely benefit from the services of an attorney who has experience handling DUI cases.

According to a local news report, troopers with the Colorado State Patrol were called to the scene of a two-vehicle crash that occurred at US-85/85 and S. Academy. The details of how this accident happened have not been released. Three people, including the driver thought responsible for this collision, were hurt and transported to an area hospital. One victim is said to have suffered life-threatening injuries.

Shortly after the crash, troopers were unclear if drugs and/or alcohol played a role in the accident, according to a video report. However, it is now believed that alcohol use was a contributing factor. Again, this incident is still under investigation so more details are likely to be released in time.

DUI accusation is nothing to take lightly as it is considered a serious offenses in Colorado. Depending on the details of one’s case and the exact charges filed, the consequences one might face if convicted can be quite severe. As such, having an experienced criminal defense attorney on one’s side will prove invaluable. In this particular case, if the driver believed responsible is charged, the potential penalties against him may include hefty fines and imprisonment. With assistance, he will be able to pursue a legal course of action that will help him achieve the best outcome possible under the circumstances.

Source:, “DUI suspected in crash at US-85 and Academy in Colorado Springs“, May 5, 2017

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