One Colorado college football player was recently arrested on suspicion of driving under influence. The arrest took place after police said they discovered the 20-year-old asleep at the wheel while at a street intersection. The DUI/DUID/DWAI arrest was made on a Sunday.

Authorities said a police officer was on a routine patrol and came across the intersection of two streets. The police officer noticed that a car remained at the intersection even though the light had turned green. After the light turned red again, police initiated a traffic stop.

At that time, police found a football player from the University of Colorado who was asleep; he was pressing the brake, and the vehicle transmission was in drive. Officers attempted to wake him up and had to end up nudging him. The man reportedly told police that he had just a small amount of alcohol, but police reported that his speech was slurred and that his blood alcohol content was .111. While talking to police, he also reportedly let up on the brake at one point, which allowed the vehicle to roll backward. Police arrested him, and he was released on bond.

When a person is charged with DUI/DUID/DWAI, it is within his or her rights to go to trial and fight the allegations. He or she may also be given the chance to plea bargain with prosecutors. This may lead to a lighter sentence for the individual. Anybody facing drunken driving charges in Colorado is entitled to the same legal protections given to those charged with other types of crimes under state law.

Source:, “Colorado’s George Frazier faces DUI after Boulder police say he fell asleep at wheel“, Mitchell Byars, July 13, 2015

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