Anyone who has driven on Colorado interstate highways has probably encountered construction projects or accidents that have stopped or snarled traffic. Highway lane closures can cause backups for miles. Occasionally traffic jams are caused by drunk drivers and resulting investigations by law enforcement. In a recent reported incident, a Colorado driver, despite his initial breath test refusal, was arrested on suspicion of drunk driving.

The incident occurred on a day in mid-August. Police claim that they discovered a traffic jam on a Colorado highway during the morning hours in the area of a a congested one-lane stretch of road through construction zone.

Upon investigation, police claim that a sports utility vehicle was stopped in the single open lane. An officer says that the male driver was unconscious in the driver’s seat with the vehicle in gear. When the officer woke the man after putting the vehicle in park, the man allegedly attempted to put the car back in gear. Police say that the driver initially refused a breath test, but later submitted to chemical testing pursuant to Colorado’s Express Consent law after he was taken into custody. He faces an alcohol and weapons charge; and additional charges could be filed in connection with the incident.

The results of the man’s breath test at the police station have not been released. In addition to the charges related to the alcohol and weapon, the man could have faced additional the additional sanction of automatic suspension of his driver’s license for one year due to a breath test refusal. Because most people in Colorado charged with criminal and traffic offenses are not familiar with the laws and procedures of the criminal court, they are wise to seek representation by an experienced criminal defense and DUI attorney. Persons represented by attorneys are generally more prepared and better equipped to deal with the charges against them.

Source:, “Suspected drunken driver causes traffic jam on Highway 50“, Aug. 19, 2017

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