Getting arrested on charges of drinking and driving in Colorado can end up ruining a person’s reputation and future work opportunities if the individual is eventually convicted. Because DUI/DUID/DWAI has long-term repercussions, the state created a smartphone application known as R-U BUZZED to help people to determine their levels of intoxication. The app estimates a person’s blood alcohol level and warns the user when he or she has surpassed the state’s legal limit.

The program calculates blood alcohol level based on a person’s gender and weight. It also takes into consideration the number of drinks a person has had and how long it has been since he or she last had an alcoholic beverage. The app is free.

This program, which was launched back in 2009, has since been downloaded at least 400,000 times. The program cost $8,000 to develop. The product’s target market is men from 21 to 34 years of age, as they are the most likely to be involved in a fatality caused by drunken driving; however, anyone can use the application.

If a person ends up being charged with DUI/DUID/DWAI in Colorado, he or she has the right to fight these charges. The defense counsel may challenge the validity of the evidence that prosecutors present in an effort to support the accusations. The criminal defense might question the accuracy of the field sobriety test used on the individual, arguing that it was not administered correctly, for example, as it pursues an outcome that is in the best interests of the accused.

Source:, “Colorado’s R U Buzzed app downloaded 400,000 times –”, Andy Koen, July 7, 2015

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