One man in Colorado was recently charged in a deadly accident during which he was said to be under the influence of alcohol. The crash happened on a Friday. Even when a person has been charged with vehicular assault or homicide, he or she is presumed innocent until and unless his or her guilt is proved in a court of law.

The recent Colorado accident took place at an intersection. Police said the man was driving east on one of the streets while alcohol impaired and was speeding. All of a sudden, he collided with another vehicle that was driving on the other street. The person driving the car with which he allegedly collided ended up dying. The deceased victim was 36 years old.

The man’s charges include vehicular homicide while driving under the influence, as well as reckless vehicular homicide. He was released on a bond of $50,000. He was scheduled to appear in court so that he could be advised of his criminal charges formally.

People who face charges of vehicular assault or homicide have the right to go to trial if they consider this to be in their best interests. Prosecutors have to prove these charges by relevant and appropriate evidence before the defendants can be criminally convicted. In some situations, the weight of the possible evidence suggests the need to negotiate for a plea deal, which, if available, might result in a more lenient sentence from a Colorado court. A defendant’s defense counsel will push for an outcome that is in the client’s best interests while also working to make sure that all applicable rights are upheld at all stages of the legal proceedings.

Source:, “Man charged in fatal DUI crash”, Mallory E Davis, Oct. 6, 2015

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