On most Friday nights, it is common for individuals to gather after a long work week. Sometimes, they go to dinner; other times they just go out for drinks. Regardless of the type of week it has been or the venue the group has chosen to unwind in, it is important that they pay attention to their alcohol consumption prior to deciding to drive on a Colorado roadway. If not, there is a possibility that one or more of them will be charged with DUI or worse.

On one recent Friday night, a suspected drunk driver apparently caused an accident involving four vehicles. The woman’s activities prior to the accident are unclear; however, officers indicate that she was apparently drinking. She crashed into a Cadillac and then collided with a truck. The woman and another driver were transported to a local hospital. In this case, the driver will most likely be charged with both DUI and vehicular assault.

DUI charges can have a lasting effect on the individual. In addition to possible monetary fines and loss of driver’s license, the individual could face jail time. Additionally, depending upon the accused’s occupation, it is possible that a DUI conviction could affect the individual’s employment status.

Whenever one is charged with DUI in Colorado, he or she can expect to answer to these charges before a judge. Prior to this, he or she will want to review the case with an experienced defense attorney. This attorney can review the evidence and make sure that the accused individual’s rights are protected.

Source: krdo.com, “DUI wreck shuts down South Academy“, James Walters, May 20, 2017

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