One of the goals of many officers of the law in Colorado is to remove as many drivers as possible who are under the influence of drugs and alcohol from the roadways. While this goal may be understandable, this zealousness could lead to officers who are more concerned about making an arrest than serving justice. Reports indicate that Colorado’s “The Heat is On” Campaign netted 375 arrests for DUI over Halloween weekend.

“The Heat is On” is a campaign that is funded by the Colorado Department of Transportation Highway Safety Office. As part of it, law enforcement officers have named 14 different “high-visibility impaired-driving-enforcement periods.” These periods are typically centered around holidays and other major events. Efforts include increased checkpoints and additional officers who are on duty and dedicated to identifying intoxicated drivers.

Reports indicate that the 375 arrests over Halloween is an increase of approximately 50 arrests from the same time last year. The Colorado Springs Police Department was one of the agencies making the highest number of arrests, with 29. One officer claims that the goal of police officers is to get as many people who are under the influence of drugs or alcohol off the streets, noting that the department has zero tolerance for such behavior.

While the desire to make Colorado roads safer is understandable, it seems that the goal of these campaigns is to make as many arrests as possible. Unfortunately, such a goal could ultimately lead to wrongful arrests and accusations of DUI. Those arrested in these sweeps may want an experienced attorney on their side who will help them examine the evidence against them and respond appropriately.

Source:, “375 Arrested for DUI During Halloween Enforcement“, Nov. 11, 2017

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