Do you need an attorney to get divorced?

Many if not most people going through a divorce aren't thrilled by the idea of having  to hire a lawyer. After all, lawyers are expensive and there is a common perception that lawyers unnecessarily complicate matters and make everything difficult for no good reason. Do you need a lawyer to [...]

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Your spouse may have to pay you after your divorce: here’s why

Getting divorced can understandably be an overwhelming experience from an emotional standpoint. However, it can also be financially stressful, especially if you earn less than your spouse does. Fortunately, you may be able to receive spousal maintenance, otherwise known as alimony or spousal support, during the divorce process and for [...]

Moving? Your parenting plan may be affected

You and your ex-spouse probably spent a significant amount of time hammering out your parenting time arrangement. Whether it was in your child's best interests to share joint custody or to have one parent take on the role of custodial parent, your agreement reflects what was managable for your lives [...]

50/50 parenting time might be in your child’s best interests

There are many things to consider during a divorce, but for Colorado parents, none are quite as serious as child custody. Parents typically want custody arrangements that will be in their children's best interests, but most are also understandably concerned about losing time, and consequently a relationship, with their child. [...]

New Colorado law increases already harsh penalties for DUI

It seems that with each passing year, laws concerning impaired driving become harsher. Penalties for DUI increase with public outcry for safer highways. While Colorado was already considered among the strictest states for dealing with impaired driving, lawmakers recently passed new legislation -- making things even tougher. A 2015 law [...]

Parental responsibilities after divorce: can mediation help?

Child custody cases can be lengthy processes in Colorado. This is particularly true when these cases are part of bigger divorce cases. Unfortunately, the longer it draws out, the more emotionally and financially draining the child custody case can be. However, if both parents are in agreement regarding most child [...]

Welcome to the BLF Blog

Happy Memorial Day Weekend!!! Thanks to all of our soldiers and veterans for their service and sacrifice! This is my first entry on the new Blog. I will be posting here frequently in the future providing useful information about Colorado DUI and traffic laws for public consumption.For now I encourage [...]

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