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Some of the most complicated legal issues in divorces are those surrounding the division of marital property and debt. In a divorce, both marital assets and liabilities or debt are divided equitably between the parties and what is fair and equitable will usually vary on a case-by-case basis. That is why it can be complicated since the issue is not so black and white. Having an experienced divorce lawyer on your side who will advocate for a fair and just property division agreement on your behalf often makes all the difference in determining who is awarded what property and who is awarded what debt. At Boal Law Firm, PC, attorney Brian Boal has extensive experience and skills developed through many courtroom hours that are essential to the successful representation of his clients with complex property division issues in their divorce. Whether you have a complex case involving a business or whether you are a member of the military concerned about veteran’s benefits, Brian will provide the one-on-one legal attention you deserve and expertise to help ensure that you receive what is fair and equitable. His law office is located in Colorado Springs, Colorado, and he is ready to fight for your legal rights as a parent and divorcing spouse.

How Property Division Works in Colorado

The phrase “asset division” is only half of the issue when it comes to equitable division of the marital estate. Not only do assets need to be considered but also all of the marital liabilities and debt. This doesn’t mean that all of the debt that you or your spouse has ever accumulated is necessarily going to be considered. Instead, only property that is “marital property” will be considered. This is generally assets or debt accumulated during the marriage. However, there are important exceptions that may very well apply to your case and the outcome of your divorce. Don’t take a chance losing out on thousands or tens of thousands of dollars in marital assets and money that you may otherwise be entitled to by law. Hire attorney Brian Boal to represent you in your divorce and maximize your chance of getting everything you deserve. Once marital property is identified in a contested divorce proceeding, it is valued and then divided “equitably” between the parties by the judge. “Equitably” is a broad term that frequently leads to confusion among unrepresented family court litigants, often resulting in one spouse getting considerably more than they deserve and the other spouse getting considerably less than they deserve. That is why it is so important that you have a lawyer represent you in a divorce proceeding. Examples of marital assets that are considered include:
  • Retirement accounts, pensions, and 401 (k)s
  • Real estate including residential and commercial properties
  • Stocks, bonds, and bank accounts
  • Personal property such as jewelry, art, and furniture
Things become increasingly complicated when there is a lot of property to divide and value. Businesses can be difficult to value and owning multiple homes and other high-value assets can further complicate matters. Call Boal Law Firm to meet with attorney Brian Boal who will fight for you as your attorney to ensure that your specific needs are addressed in your divorce.

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