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My spouse has filed for divorce. What’s next?

No one likes receiving  divorce paperwork.  Even when you know your marriage is over, being on the receiving end of a large stack of court documents signed by your spouse and his or her attorney conjures up a lot of emotions and a number of choice words like "#$%!@#!", "&$%#@$!#", and...well, you get the idea. So what do you do next?  Below are several common "next steps" that spouses undertake at the beginning of a divorce and some thoughts about each: Should I call my spouse?:  It's natural to want answers to questions like: why did you decide to do [...]

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Do you need an attorney to get divorced?

Many if not most people going through a divorce aren't thrilled by the idea of having  to hire a lawyer. After all, lawyers are expensive and there is a common perception that lawyers unnecessarily complicate matters and make everything difficult for no good reason. Do you need a lawyer to get divorce?  It depends on how you define "need". In the strictest sense: no - you do not need an attorney to get divorced. All people need access to judicial process and the courts regardless of whether they have the financial means to hire an attorney or not.  Most courthouses [...]

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Vehicular assault charge after driver confusion in Colorado

Following a car accident, Colorado police must work to put together the pieces of the puzzle that explains the events leading up to the incident. However, in some cases, they are left to draw conclusions based on the evidence presented to them. They now say that they have concluded that a man who they previously believed to have been a passenger in a crashed vehicle was actually the driver. He has since been arrested, suspected of vehicular assault. The accident that led to the man's arrest reportedly happened during the early morning hours of a day in May. Police claim [...]

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DUI suspected after Colorado police say driver failed to stop

When movies and television shows portray high speed chases, they are often filled with fast cars, making daring moves and placing the lives of many at risk. However, police in Colorado claim that they were involved in a "chase" of a different sort. The end result, however, is that a driver was taken into custody, suspected of DUI. The alleged incident started around noon on a day in mid-December. Police claim they received reports of a driver behaving in a way that indicated he or she may have been intoxicated. State troopers reportedly began chasing the vehicle on Interstate 70. [...]

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Your spouse may have to pay you after your divorce: here’s why

Getting divorced can understandably be an overwhelming experience from an emotional standpoint. However, it can also be financially stressful, especially if you earn less than your spouse does. Fortunately, you may be able to receive spousal maintenance, otherwise known as alimony or spousal support, during the divorce process and for a period of months or years after the divorce. You and your spouse can reach an agreement on maintenance or a judge in Colorado will make a spousal support determination for you. What is alimony? Alimony refers to monetary payments that a higher-earning spouse makes to a lower-earning spouse following [...]

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Man accused of vehicular homicide, DUI following Colorado crash

Accidents can happen at any second for a variety of different reasons. While some may be the result of criminal behavior, many are due to a relatively simple driver miscalculation. Unfortunately, police in Colorado may be quick to jump to conclusions about the cause of an accident, especially if the driver involved has a criminal history. Unfortunately, a man was recently arrested and charged with vehicular homicide following a fatal crash. The incident happened one afternoon on a day in mid-November. According to reports, a 27-year-old man was driving a pickup truck south on a Colorado road. Police say that near [...]

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